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Locally Owned,  Locally Grown ( in season)

We are one of the largest fresh produce markets in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  We have been in the retail produce business for over 30 years.  Carrying a large selection of locally and nationally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.   All at great affordable prices.

In 1998 we opened a canning division, using old fashioned recipes from the fifties and sixties. We are blessed to have been successful in both ventures. Our canning kitchen is FDA Certified and SCDA inspected. We process using strict hygiene and safety methods. Our dedication to safety and quality is in place. From checking our fresh ingredients to final inspection of finished products.


At the same time our products still have the taste and look, that reminds you of the canning of the good ole days. Cooking in small batches allows to keep that intense fresh fruit taste in all our jams. We have over 25 products we offer wholesale and in our online stores as well.


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